Isaac Toussie Supports “Children with Serious Illnesses” with the Ronald McDonald House Charities

Isaac Toussie, Brooklyn real estate developer, is Long Island’s largest landowner in association with his father and committed to many business focuses.  Isaac Toussie is involved with developments, holdings and various ventures when it comes to business, but for this entrepreneur the latest project focus is to continue to help support children with serious illnesses. Isaac also shares a strong commitment to quality charitable causes and currently is involved in giving support to “Ronald McDonald House Charities.”

This cause continues to help many seriously ill children in need offering strength and hope to them and their families.  This noteworthy cause helps more than 7 million families each year, Ronald McDonald House Charity programs can now be found in 78% of the world’s best children’s hospitals, with more than $200 million collected through Ronald McDonald House Charity Donation Boxes and Isaac’s commitment to helping this cause is strong.

The Toussie family has a long tradition of involvement with New York University, and the philanthropic spirit is a Toussie family affair.  Isaac Toussie, who received magna cum laude honors from the NYU Stern School of Business, and received his Master’s in Business Administration from the NYU Business School at the young age of 21, kept him busy.  Isaac nonetheless is continuing in the path of his father, Robert Toussie, and his charitable mission.  For more than a decade Robert and Isaac Toussie and family find the time to continue to commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.

For many the Ronald McDonald House is about helping a sick child fight their illness. They provide stability and support with resources for families everywhere it takes an immense emotional toll on a family when a child is sick and suffering.  “When families are,” going through emotional strain and financial burden for a sick child it is often too difficult to bear. Ronald McDonald House Charities steps to the plate to address these areas. Whether it involves housing near a hospitalized child, or the expense of staying together in another town or city or helping with basics of medical and dental care in a vulnerable community.

Ronald McDonald House Programs can be found in more than 290 local chapters in 58 countries and regions, currently 326 Ronald McDonald Houses exist today, 184 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, and 49 Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles scurry about the country.

The Ronald McDonald House is involved with non-profit organizations that focus on the needs of children with Grants, and Scholarships are available to students across the United States.  Each of the many Chapters around the world is busy with country-specific programs.  Since 1974, Ronald McDonald House Charities has helped address these needs every day, with more than 30,000 volunteers and staff members, with specific connections with medical communities around the world, partnerships with respected companies and our generous donors.

Ronald McDonald House charities exist because of it donors contributions to making a difference to the lives of sick children.Isaac Toussie brings to the forefront awareness and commitment to help those who are suffering and struggling from serious illness.

Isaac Toussie, Brooklyn’s Philanthropic Scion

Something that started as a simple donation of a block of theater tickets for a fundraising event has now turned into almost ten years of on-going charity for Isaac Toussie on behalf of a prestigious children’s organization, The Association of Hole in the Wall Camps (HITWC). This…

Surplus Real Estate Auctioneers Sell The Earth And Everything On It

Author: Strategic Auction Alliance

Surplus real estate auctioneers can offer assistance to companies, municipalities and non-profit organizations to sell off excess real estate which may be deemed idle assets. In addition to surplus real estate these same entities may also have acquired equipment which is no longer in use that may be also be sold through auctions. Banks may have properties which have been claimed through foreclosure and are subsequently sitting vacant.  Real estate auctioneers can help banks to sell these properties and reclaim cash currently associated with in these assets.

Surplus real estate auctioneers provide services which include advertising and promoting the properties for auction, as well as handling all aspects of the auction process. There are different types of auctions which can be used to sell off surplus real estate and other surplus items no longer needed. One of the most common types of auctions is the English auction, (also known as the ascending bid auction), where the asset is sold to the highest bidder.

Real estate auctions are often advertised through local newspapers with limited details being made available in those advertisements. Additional information about real estate auctions, such as bidding requirements can also be made available from the surplus real estate auctioneers websites in a downloadable document commonly known as a property information package. Some surplus real estate auctioneers require people interested in bidding on the properties to pre-register with the company to be qualified in order to participate in the auction.

Most commonly, English auctions used by surplus real estate auctioneers are a type of auction where an opening bid is announced by the auctioneer who then starts accepting bids from participants. The auctioneer suggests increases in the bids which people may bid on or offer their own bid price. Bidding continues until no further people desire to bid on the property and the person with the highest bid wins the property. There may be additional costs which may need to be paid in addition to the auction price, such as property taxes and closing costs. Complete details about the auction process and any additional costs will be provided to people participating in the auction prior to day of the real estate auction.

Municipalities or local city or town government can utilize the services offered by surplus real estate auctioneers to sell off county properties no longer desired to increase revenues for the county as well as auction off properties where past due property taxes have not been paid. Property tax auctions are a form of real estate auction where people bid on the property with opening bids often being the amount of past due property taxes owed.

Real Estate Investment Companies : For Right Investments

Author: Rayna Mattei.

Purchasing real estate property is never easy and can pose a lot of questions. In such cases, you should look no further than online property listings. There are several real estate investment companies in the market that are ready to give you desired services at cost effective rates. These companies can help you to make the right decision with ease. The real estate market is extremely confusing as the rates fluctuate daily. Hence, it is necessary to update yourself everyday so that you are aware of the best deals. This can be quite a challenge. Hiring an experienced agent can solve this issue without much effort.

Real estate investment companies simplify your buying and selling process. Usually, these companies have highly skilled and experienced staffs. With their aid, you can fulfill your desires to own your dream home within your financial budget. These professionals help save ample money and time. They also reduce your stress and take care of the entire job. Since they are well aware of the changes in the market, you do not need to worry about prospective sellers or buyers. The major goal of a reputed real estate investment companies is to satisfy their clients and improve their real estate investments. This expertise can ensure that you get the best deal at highly cost effective rates.

No customer prefers to compromise with the quality of their home. In the present economy, more people are opting to invest their hard earned money in real estate. These real estate investment companies will provide you with detailed listings so that you can select a home as per your requirements. However, there are some people who choose to go it alone. This can prove to be a costly mistake and lead to wrong judgments. A qualified professional listens to your requirement and gives you the right advice for investing. Their guidance will also help to alleviate the troubles involved in buying a suitable property.

Buying high quality real estate is always a challenging task. Reputed real estate investment companies can guide you through the transaction and the legal process. Their trusted guidance and advice may also help you enhance the property value considerably. Once you hire these agents, they can provide you information about properties in the market according to your preferences and budget limitations. However, before you select a realtor, it is important to make sure that you choose a credible service. This will help preventing loss of money in improper investments. It is also important not to get lured by advertisements. The online listings are certainly the right choice when it comes to real estate purchases. But having a cautious approach in these matters is necessary. You can go online and select the right website to save a great deal of money. This will make your real estate purchasing all the more comfortable. You can get started on your real estate investments immediately. You can rest assured that your investment is done in the right manner with the aid of real estate investment companies.

Ups And Downs Of Property Pakistan And Real-Estate Market

Author: kiran anwar

Pakistan real estate is facing the ups and downs but if we take a large view about market research than by and large, we can claim that the real-estate market of Pakistan hasn’t achieved its true prospective yet. In recent years the real estate markets keep on rising and fall in tandem with whole economy process or can say it changes according to overall economies. When the rising of economy and the purchasing power of the buyers begins and goes up than the real estate Pakistan market demand also goes up which is the positive sign for investment to start into the market and the cycle of purchasing and selling continues. Pakistan economy has lot of available potential which we were not expecting in the past few years and still more hoping for some positive response to overall economy but we all are aware that this requires a lot of effort or work on part of both private and government sector.

Troubles of Real-Estate Market:

Some of the major problems or troubles faced by Real estate Pakistan and Pakistan economy are just because of the lack of political instability and overall Pakistan economy crises. Looking at past few years some little initiatives have been done by government in delivering the goods and which shows that there is a need of lot of things to work on for property Pakistan and for overall economy of Pakistan, there is need of total willingness and sincere team efforts on part of Government and Pakistan economy so that we can say Pakistan real estate will be on right track of progress and earnings.

Corruption in Real estate sector:

Problems like corruption and lawlessness which is prevalent in almost all sectors of Government or private sectors of Pakistan. In real estate sector it also has a fair share of dishonest and corrupted people. Another major problem is the deficiency of customized policy and system. Sometimes it also happens that some developers launch the project and some common realtors or investors begin to start investing their money in the running projects just only to know that whether the developers of the project are violating the laws or not and just because of this the whole project comes to close down. So to resolve this situation or problem there is a requirement of practical and positive department on provincial and federal levels which will be able to look into the problem of the developments and also draw the attention to note the inconsistency of work at right time. Land mafia or land corruption is another problem that needs to be handled by the government or on private level if Real Estate property Pakistan has to progress and prosper.

Government policy for Real-Estate market:

Government has planned a Real-Estate policy to give confidence to the Participants of the private sector in the real estate property market. Government also requires helping the poorest part of the society through some self owned organization called as House Building Finance Corporation. According to this corporation the government will identify the land in the urban areas and will give it to the private sector on low lease terms to build houses for the poorer of the society. Thus this would help to lower the high property rates in Pakistan and raising the real estate market to stay secure.


Real Estate Investment Firm: Your Partner To Success

Author: shaneadams

What is the importance of a real estate investment firm?

Today, one of the most popular ways to gain profits for entrepreneurs is through investing in real estate. Real estate investing is about the procurement, rights, supervision, and rental or sale of a property for earnings. However, before you gain the benefits of real estate investment, you will need the help of a trusted and reliable real estate investment firm.

If you have found a property with the perfect location and are sure of what you want, getting investors to help you in your business is your next dilemma. Securing the documents and the rights for the property is a complex process. Of course, buying a piece of land requires a large amount of money and spending too much without the assurance of a business’ success is a nightmare to every entrepreneur. However, in circumstances where you are caught in the middle of the difficulty in owning a land, you can always rely on a real estate company for assistance all throughout the entire process of real estate investment transactions.

Experts from a real estate firm are meticulous in handling real estate transactions and complications posed by a business. They provide pieces of advice to their clients about real estate management and investment. Their skills and knowledge are useful in guiding you to the most profitable asset opportunity.

Agents from real estate investment companies usually provide you with a list of the dos and don’ts that you have to follow to avoid business problems and failures. Since they are updated with the changes happening in the world of real estate investing, you can be sure that your business is not at risk. They also conduct monthly reports regarding the development or state of your business. Working with them does not only provide you authoritative insights to help your business get out of problems, at the same time, you will learn investment techniques from them.

In case you have a problem regarding the list of residential, commercials, and other types of properties, the skilled staff of a real estate investment company can help you with that. Usually, they conduct seminars to give tips and effective techniques to their clients. This is the time when you can interact with other entrepreneurs and experts in your industry, and gain valuable information that you can use.

Whatever you are planning to do with the property you have invested–whether you will turn it into a shopping mall, a residential condominium, single-family homes, or townhouses–a real estate investment firm can help you. There are various principles, strategies, and regulations regarding the investment of a property, but you do not have to worry about all of them because a real investment company just knows what to do to make your business a success.